Handbook of Optimization Under Uncertainty in Sustainable Agriculture and Agrifood Industry

Octubre 2, 2019

Invitation to contribute chapters in Handbook of Optimization Under Uncertainty in Sustainable Agriculture and Agrifood Industry by Springer


Scope of area to be covered:

Many real-world decision-making situations arise from agriculture and related agrifood industries such as agricultural supply chain management, production planning, logistic and transportation. Optimization under uncertainty is relevant to Agriculture and the Agrifood industry and suitable solving methods are critical for a successful use in practice. In addition, sustainable production is another relevant aspect beyond the sole economic criterion of optimization. The scope of this book is to provide an overview of optimization in agriculture and agrifood industry dealing with both uncertainty and sustainability aspects.

Purpose of the book, the needs addressed, distinctive or innovative treatments:

The purpose of this book is to focus on the development of optimisation methods and derived applications in agriculture. This book is intended to collect in one volume high quality chapters on Optimization Under Uncertainty in Sustainable Agriculture and Agrifood Industry considering both theoretical issues regarding perishable products and application results.

Each chapter have to include some standard and traditional methodology but also some recent research advances that have been inspired and motivated by the demands from the agriculture and food production areas.

Chapters will undergo a stringent evaluation process based on an international refereeing procedure in order to ensure that contributions meet top international standards.

The Intended Audience:

The book is primarily a reference for researchers, PhD students, instructors and advanced practitioners.  The book is also expected to be useful and appropriate for use as a textbook for certain advanced courses; and due to the interdisciplinary nature of the content, such courses may be taught in a variety of departments including Operations Research, Agriculture, Applied Mathematics, Agricultural or Agronomic Engineering, Agricultural Economics or Ecosystems and Food Science.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Agrifood supply chain management.
  • Production planning in Agriculture.
  • Agribusiness analytics.
  • Optimal smart farming.
  • Low input farming and sustainability.
  • Low input sensoring and sustainability.
  • DSS for Sustainable Agriculture.
  • Sustainable agriculture in developing countries.
  • Water management and irrigation.
  • Location problems in livestock production.
  • Markov Decision Processes in livestock systems.
  • Fisheries management and fish farming.
  • Discrete event simulation in agriculture and agro-industry.
  • Multicriteria decision methods in agribusiness.
  • Stochastic and robust optimization in Agriculture.
  • Analysis of scenarios.
  • Sustainable diets.
  • Use of DEA in Agriculture.
  • Risk Management in Agriculture.
  • LCA in the primary sector.
  • Location and supply chain design

Important dates


March 15, 2020: Proposal submission deadline

March 31, 2020: Notification of proposal acceptance

July 15, 2020: Full chapter submission

October 30, 2020: Review report returned

December 31, 2020: Final chapter submission

Other inquiries should be sent directly to any of the Editors in charge of this book: Lluis M. Plà-Aragonés (lmpla@matematica.udl.cat), Víctor M. Albornoz (victor.albornoz@usm.cl) and Alejandro Mac Cawley (amac@ing.puc.cl)

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