Renzo Akkerman

“FOOD SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT IN THE TRANSITION TO A CIRCULAR ECONOMY”. As part of the envisioned transition to a circular economy, efficient use of natural resources has become more and more important across many industries. In the food industry, many waste streams and by-product flows are increasingly considered valuable resources that can be valorized as […]

Fernando Auat Ch.

“EFFICIENT MANOEUVRING OF ELECTRIC MACHINERY IN AGRICULTURAL SCENARIOS”. When traversing through different terrains, the electric machinery power consumption is affected by the wheel-terrain interaction (among other parameters), varying the vehicle’s effort and its autonomy (from an energy point of view). In this seminar it will be presented the last results obtained for modeling the instantanoues […]

José Caixeta-Filho

“BRAZILIAN AGRO-LOGISTICS: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE REDUCTION OF PHYSICAL LOSSES”. Several international studies indicate that global food production will need to increase about 70% to be able to feed the population by 2050. Facing limited natural resources such as arable land, water, energy and raw materials, there may be a number of difficulties for […]

José Cuevas-Valenzuela

“IMPULSANDO LA TRANSFORMACIÓN DIGITAL EN VIÑA CONCHA Y TORO: I+D E INNOVACIÓN PARA ALCANZAR UNA INDUSTRIA VITIVINÍCULA INTELIGENTE”. Impulsando la Transformación Digital en Viña Concha y Toro: I+D e innovación para alcanzar una Industria Vitivinícola Inteligente La transformación digital puede definirse de manera simple como la reinvención de una organización a través de de la […]

Simon Dunstall

“HYBRIDIZING BIG DATA, SENSING AND MODELLING AT THE LANDSCAPE SCALE”. In this presentation we will explore three key concepts for data analysis and decision support at landscape scales in agriculture, forestry and related areas. The first of these relates to the mixing of data-driven approaches, mathematical modelling, and bio-physical scientific understanding, as a way to […]

Martin Grunow

“IMPACT OF SHELF LIFE ON THE TRADE-OFF BETWEEN ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL OBJECTIVES: A DAIRY CASE”. Food manufacturers introduce more environmentally friendly processes to account for increasing sustainability concerns. However, these processes often go along with a reduction of product shelf life, limiting the delay of sales to future periods with higher prices. We develop a framework […]

Yordi Norero

“DRONES EN LA AGRICULTURA: APLICACIONES PRÁCTICAS”. Hoy en día el uso de vehículos aéreos no tripulados o drones no solo permiten levantar información predial con el objeto de optimizar recursos productivos, sino que también permiten realizar labores agrícolas directamente. Esta presentación tiene por objetivo mostrar ejemplos prácticos de cómo se está aplicando esta tecnología en […]

Rodrigo Ortega

“TIMELY AND QUALITY INFORMATION: A KEY ELEMENT FOR AN EFFICIENT AND SUSTAINABLE AGRONOMIC MANAGEMENT”. Precision agriculture is defined as good agronomy with information. The steps necessary to transform data into information in agriculture are presented. Finally, some examples of technological tools to collect high-density data and some simple algorithms for their transformation in timely and […]

Hugo Poblete

“APPLICATION OF AG TECH IN CHILE: EXPERIENCES IN LA ROSA SOFRUCO”. La Rosa Sofruco is one of the oldest and largest fields in Chile. It has 2,100 hectares planted with fruit trees in the same area including orange trees, mandarins, avocado lemons, grape vine, table grapes, European plum, kiwis, pear trees, apricots. As a leading […]

René Villalobos

“INSERTION OF SMALL FARMERS INTO TECHNOLOGY-ENABLED, RADID-RESPONSE FRESH FOOD SUPPLY CHAINS”. An important challenge under the new information-rich environments is creating efficient and shorter supply chains that can meet the demand for fresh fruits and vegetables at the right prices, with the right quality, with minimal waste, in spite of the perishability of these products. […]

Andrés Weintraub

“STOCHASTIC AND MULTI-CRITERIA MODELS IN FOREST PLANNING”. Classical forest planning models consider multi-period decisions on harvesting and road building. These models are deterministic, considering expected values of relevant parameters and  usually optimize net present value. In this talk we consider uncertainty, both in market prices, and also due to climate change, expressed as variability in […]

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